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    It just freezes for 10-20 seconds or so then keeps going just fine till the next episode (never requires a restart) The WiFi will sometimes take noticeably longer to come back though. They don't always happen at the same time either. Didn't know if this could be related to the Muffle System Logging patch apparently being corrupted. The last time I tried to update it, the process failed and now it won't update or remove (just says error see IPKG log, won't post the huge line of code unless you guys need it). I'm not sure if that happened at the same time, but I'd been using it with no problems for about a month before this. This is driving me nuts so I'd appreciate any help.
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    I would probably start by removing all patches you've installed on your TP. There should be a preware app called something like Emergency Script or Patch Remover (ESR, EPR, ??) that might help in removing all patches you've applied. Hopefully this will get you back to square 1, or close to it, after which you can see if the freezing behavior continues. This might be a place to start.

    Another option, though much more heavy handed, is to doctor back to stock 3.0.4.
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    is it setup with a static ip? I have a static and set wifi to never sleep and never had an issue with wifi.
    did the same with cm7 and no problems either.
    for some reason I just do not like running a dhcp server since someone outside my door can do what they want with it if they get past the 256 bit key.

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