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    This is an odd one. The Facebook app is missing stream items for me. If I use Facebook mobile in the browser I see a fair few news items that just don't show up in the app. Also If I view some of my friends' walls in the app they are really out of date.

    Has anyone else experienced this or even solved it?

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    It also restricts you from viewing some pictures from some of your friends, to the best of my knowledge there is no fix for this. I've heard rumblings that it has to do with using 3rd party APIs since HP and not FaceBook wrote the app.

    Frustrating as heck to have what would be the greatest tablet FB client except for the corrupt stream.
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    I have the same problem on my Pre2 (pre before it) and TP. I only noticed because My wife's activity never shows in the app. I can see it on the web and mobile web, Not with the app. (She didn't block me) It is an annoying problem with the FB app.
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    Thanks for the replies.

    @ dangerous - what a coincidence! I noticed this in exactly the same way (missing wifey activity). If I view her wall it is only showing stuff from months ago (and no photos).

    It's a real shame as the app is quite slick. But largely useless if it is missing content. I'll have to go back to using Facebook mobile in the browser then :-(

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