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    Hey everyone,

    I recently copied some more pictures onto my internal storage of the touchpad. And now all of a sudden the pictures in the gallery are all blurry.
    Now here's the werid thing, if I start a slideshow the very same pictures are nice and crisp, but that doesn't help me a lot because I would like to zoom into the pictures while they are crisp.

    Any ideas on what's going on are much appreciated!
    Thank you!
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    do you have a lot of pictures in your tp? how big are the files?
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    Sounds like the thumbnails for the app are whacked. Try going into USB mode on the device and (with your computer set to show hidden files) and open the folder .photosApp and then delete the contents of the folder called "Generated" (these are the thumbnail photos and not the main pics). Then eject the device and restart. When you open the Photos app the next time it should re-generate the thumbnails. Hopefully they will look better.
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    I do have quite some pictures on the Touchpad, yeah. I will try deleting the files tonight and report back. Thanks a lot.

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