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    I just got my touchpad last weekend. I seems to get about 5 hours on a full charge. HP's website says you should get about 8 hours of use. Is there anything you do to increase battery life. The only settings I've changed so far was to minimize logging. I have WiFi on all the time as everything I do I need an internet connection. Also the sound doesn't seem loud enough. With my headphones on my iphone 4 is louder. Is there any software settings that I can change to fix this issue. Thanks.
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    Read this thread: This is a must read for TP owners.

    I get 7+ hours, web surfing, videos, reading. Your battery time will vary, depending on your use. I have preware installed with most of the performance add ons. I use Uberkernel, oc'd
    to 1.5.

    Read the forum, it's one of the best ways to learn about your TP and webOS.
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