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    So I don't want to start a flame bait thread here but I want to ask the community the same question I've been pondering myself...Now that I own a webOS powered device (firesale 32gb tablet), would I buy a playmate for it IF HP were making webOS devices going forward since their $1.4 billion identity crisis...

    For me, I now WANT a pre3 (Pre^n) and I didn't even know I wanted one until I got my first taste of webOS with the fluke purchase of my TouchPad. This is my first webOS rodeo and I had no idea how addictive this webOS drug could be. But like a moth on a halogen lamp, I suddenly found my wings a I'm hooked and, like a crack addict, I want more...

    What to do? Will a US carrier Pre3 work up here in Canuckville ('er Flamesville) or am I completely SOL?

    For me, I'd buy a pre3 or pre^n in a heartbeat if HP released a friend for my TouchPad. Come on HP, I'm ready to open up my wallet to you...want my money or not?

    Community, what are your thoughts?
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    I'm running a pre2 and now have 4 tp's one for everyone in the family.. Love webos! way better than andriod and ios iMO. I do find myself wishing I had a few more apps but I'm having a good luck streaming media w/ splashtop for anything missing. Streaming movies off amazon's web site are outstanding quality (even non-hd) this kinda makes up for no netflix... though you can't abuse due to costs ;P

    I'd be all over a pre3 myself if the prices were more reasonable on verizon... at&t phones can be had pretty reasonable and are in greater quantity
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    i have an old pre- , a pre2 , a veer , 2 pre3's (yes get one they are awesome) and a touchpad !! and theres another update coming from what i hear !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    At this point I'd have to say no...

    I like webOS and believe that both Android and iOS could learn a few lessons about mobile operating systems from webOS; however - unless HP does something drastic to encourage developer support I'm going to have to go with iOS for my phone.

    As it stands my Touchpad is being used as a personal media, movies and the occasional game of Angry Birds which I must admit is a waste of the hardware's potential.

    There are just not enough Apps...
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    *...and I think webOS is awesome
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    Due to the cancellation of the penny, I no longer give 2 about anything. I may however, give a nickel
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    I love WebOS, but no. It feels very under developed. Have you ever used iOS and even though you missed the button, it knows you meant to press it so it performs that function? Or even just the polished side of other operating systems. WebOS needs a little more time and it's really a shame that nobodies willing to step up to the plate.

    I currently use WP7, but I think I'll try out BBX when it's on the market.
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    Yes. And I did.

    Purchased a 32gb TP for $250 a couple weeks ago. Would like to purchase 2 more.

    Currently considering the Kindle Fire or other android tablet.
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    Absolutely. In fact, I already did. :-)

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    I have a pre2 and 2 TP and would be all over the TP Go 7" if it ever came around as well as the Pre3.

    Thinking of investing in a Pre3 off Ebay though...
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    Quote Originally Posted by bojangles21 View Post
    I cannot think of a single reason why I would want to purchase another Webos device. A lot needs to change with the software.
    so, no hyperbole there? Not one reason comes to mind?
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    I've always wanted a webOS phone but never got a chance. I got in on the firesale Touchpad deal and knew I would love it. Then those Pre3's started showing up eBay and I bought 2.
    One was going to be used as a backup, but I just resold it on ebay for no loss.
    To answer your question: I did buy a second device (and third), but would I buy another? No.
    I'd rather wait a year or so and let HP get their sh!t together and put out a competitive device or have other manufacturers build something nice.
    TP + P3 = synergized
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    I definitely would. In fact, I'm waiting for another phone to come to Sprint, if that ever happens. I have purchased 4 touchpads overall, I have my pre- (deactivated now), and a pre3.
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    Hell no lol

    I have a 32GB unopened and told my sister not to buy it from me because I don't recommend it. I said get a kindle fire instead for 200 dollars.
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    I have a Pre- that I'm still using & I purchased a spare about 6 months ago. I purchased the TP from QVC & was lucky enough to get a 2nd during the firesale. I love webOS & would buy another devise if HP got their act together & did something with it instead of messing it up. I also had to get another phone since the Pre- is getting old & tired, I got a HTC 3D. I love it but prefer webOS.
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    At this very moment - probably no. With a confusing situation HP is putting us in, I do not have enough confidence to make the plunge. With less apps and possibly no updates - no.

    But it can be yes if,
    1. HP promises updates.
    2. HP gives a clear signal that webOS development will not cease.
    3. HP promises a new version of webOS by a fixed date.

    Well it can even be yes, if HP says - we will provide minor updates to old devices, but we will release a new device with new OS version in 1 year.
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    I got a firesale 32GB Touchpad and then bought a Veer to go with it.
    Really enjoying WebOS, but would like more apps!
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    From a technological point of view it would all depend on the degree of future support and commitment to improving what is a rough-around-the-edges OS.

    Bigger factors putting me off would be the history of HP decision-making and:

    - A lack of apps and the lack of major developer incentive to produce more

    - When the apps do arrive then they aren't in my Australian App Catalog (and this discourages piracy how?)

    - I'm sorry to harp on about it but the auto-OS-update debacle is a p-take and shows a general contempt for the user-base
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    Loved WebOS on Touchpad so much bought a pre 3 , would buy the Touchpad Go if it gets released
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktredshoes View Post
    Absolutely. In fact, I already did. :-)

    Same here! Loaded Android CM7 on the second one.
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    Definitively yes - especially the TouchPad Go. If webOS doesn't evolve as expected I'll still have the option to put ICS on it.
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