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    In my case it would depend on the price. There are some things about the TouchPad that are very annoying (no back button, poor auto-correct on the keyboard, lack of apps), but I do like webOS as an operating system. I would agree with the idea mentioned up-thread that webOS needs some polishing and improvement on addressing annoying minor details like those I mentioned to become a more competitive OS.

    Really, the thing I want to do is get devices with all of the operating systems (webOS, Android OS, iOS, Windows Phone OS, and Blackberry OS), play around with them, and see which one I like best going into the future and that best fits my needs/wants. (As an example of needs/wants, I'm someone who really wants to have a physical keyboard on my smartphone, or at least primary smartphone.) I've had a Droid 2 for nearly a year, and now have had the TouchPad for a couple weeks. I'm seriously leaning towards getting an iPod Touch so I can check out what Apple has to offer without locking myself into a cell phone contract, and I'm also leaning towards buying an HTC Trophy (WP) and/or Blackberry Bold 9930 as a second (and/or third) smartphone to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
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    Absolutely. I love my Touchpad and I came very close to purchasing a Pre+ a year and a half ago... then the iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S came out. Really couldn't justify it compared to them. I still love my Galaxy S, but sometimes I find myself trying to swipe up to multitask.
    Of course a theoretical next webOS device would have to be an upgrade from my GS. 4"+ screen, dual core, etc.
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    I already did. I have a sprint pre-, then purchased a touchpad. I love both, although I've recently been having some problems with my pre. I would have absolutly loved a pre3, but that was never going to happen on sprint anyway. I will have this phone til it completely dies and I have to move on. I may even buy a spare on ebay if I can find a nice one.
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    I have only had my for about 2 weeks (bought a 32gb model from a friend) but I would definitely buy another Touchpad. I have 2 Android tablets and a couple of Android phones but IMHO, WebOS is an excellent mobile environment and this device blows my other tablets out of the water(Transformer 32gb and Xoom).
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    Quote Originally Posted by comhack View Post
    .... but IMHO, WebOS is an excellent mobile environment and this device blows my other tablets out of the waster(Transformer 32gb and Xoom).
    I agree.

    I really like webOS. I don't think I'll ever get rid of it esp since I have more than on TouchPad. I understand that Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) will incorporate some of the user-interface ideas but I'm not sure.

    Performance is very good - I used to overclock to 1.782 Ghz, but I really didn't see the need for that so I put the clock back to the default 1.188 Ghz and performance is still excellent.

    For sure, webOS has it's problems, but the UI is very well done. Looking forward to receiving future updates to it.

    I like having lots of RAM (1 GB) and a decent amount of flash (32 Gig).
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    Yes, I would buy another... simple, intuitive OS. Just wish there were more apps and a clearer future for WebOS.
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