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    No. I decided to leave webOS this week :'(. Hopefully a Lumia 800 or Mozart 7 for Christmas

    ...wait a minute, I do have two. Oops!
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    I would buy another webOS phone if it were a 4.3 inch touch screen slab phone (no keyboard). I would buy another webOS tablet if they added NetFlix, HDMI out, USB in (full size ports), and it was slightly thinner (so I could stop hearing the whine about how thick it is).
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    The answer is maybe. I am another firesale guy - new to this whole thing and I came to it with no preconceived notions one way or the other. I think overall it is a mixed bag. It does some things extremely well, like the e-mail client, and the whole card system is much more intuitive and intelligent than any other os design. But what it needs is a team of completely obsessive/compulsive people to go through the whole thing with a fine tooth comb to find and fix all the stupid little annoyances that leave users with the impression that the basic vision isn't fully realized. Like why are there no arrow keys on the keyboard, why can't you organize your browser bookmarks in a logical way, why does the auto-correct not really work to the point it has to be turned off, why was the machine saddled with excessive logging requirements out-of-the-box, why when you type two spaces does it not insert a period? None of the flaws like this are critical in isolation, but in concert, they effectively destroy the commercial viability of webOS.

    I had an older iPhone and finally upgraded to the 4s recently. It has its own issues, but overall, the experience is just far more carefully polished. They took the time to sweat all the little niggling details. If somebody took webOS and applied the kind of care to it that Apple applies to iOS, it would end up being a superior platform. The basic, overall structure of the user interface is better in webOS. But it is just seriously hobbled by the failure of HP to sweat the details.

    For $99, I'll install preware, get a bunch of patches and live with all these limitations without complaint. But if they want $400-500 of my money for the next generation tablet, that is a big ask until somebody actually finishes the operating system. I guess if you want to sum up webOS in a sentence - it is a brilliant basic design undermined by an almost Windows-esque execution.
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    If it's $99 and it runs Flash, checks mail, ims, reads a simple web page, displays pdfs and ebooks, and is a magic picture frame when I'm not using it then I could care less what it runs on.
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    I already bought multiple devices that I love.
    HOWEVER, I will see what happens with WebOS. We may have the end in our hands now.
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    Bought 3 for me, and 2 as christmas presents for the little being and my sister. Still trying to rationalise if i should "upgrade" and get a 64GB...but is a good alternative.

    My other big flip flop debate is whether or not i should get a pre 3 or stick with WP7.5...

    I like webOS, i would not choose iOS or android and webOS fits the bill
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    With the level of support webOS has now? No, I would not. But if HP (or someone) was demonstrating commitment to the platform over a long time period, then sure.
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    I will never stop buying webOS devices!!!

    pre, pre+, pre 2, pre 3, touchpad - hmmmm i need a veer!
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    Great thread, lots of good viewpoints...

    I caught wind of the TouchPad firesale, and placed my order on the HP SMB site... and was strung along for 2 months until it finally shipped. While I was waiting, I decided to try out a Veer, and bought one on eBay for about $70.

    So, I technically bought a 2nd webOS device to go along with my original purchase... unfortunately, I'm torn. I normally carry a Nokia N8... although the N8's hardware is amazing, the software (Symbian^3, now Symbian Anna) pales compared to the Veer... but the Veer falls short in a number of ways. In summary:
    1. N8's 12 megapixel camera w/ Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss optics - order of magnitude better than the Veer or Pre3's camera
    2. Nokia Messaging/Email flat out stinks - webOS's Synergy email is light years ahead
    3. webOS's multitasking (cards) still beats S^3's (menu-based task switcher)
    4. Music Player on the N8 supports my ZunePass music - no go on the Veer/TouchPad

    I absolutely love how fluid and easy it is to use webOS - and even though I adore how pocket-friendly the Veer is, I can't give up the great camera, built-in GPS navigation, and multimedia options of my N8. Hardware versus software, and neither the two shall meet.

    Hopefully, HP dislodges their collective heads from their lower cavities, and makes another stab at a mobile device - with great hardware to match the software. If that happens, I might be able to convince the accountant (wife) to let me buy another phone. Until then, only way I'm buying a Pre3 is if it drops to the $70 that I bought the Veer for (probably in 2015).
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    Here are a few more thoughts: If the Pre 3 was released without a keyboard, I would be all over it. I deal breaker for me (sadly) was no Netflix. I already said this, in this thread, but they need to POLISH! WebOS needs some shine to it. It's so matte that it gets monotonous and eventually boring. Everything feels too chunky. And lastly, they truly need a phone without a keyboard. It was the BIGGEST mistake to release both new devices with keyboards. It literally killed me when they failed to announce any slab devices. Oh well, here's to the future!
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    I like the touchpad but even though it's running well now, I still have slight thoughts about selling it and the accessories (several cases, touchstone, and BT keyboard) and using that money towards and iPad 2. I'm an iPhone user and Mac user so it's natural for me to feel that way anyway.

    Still the fact that the Touchpad has a hardcore apple user happy and only thinking about making the jump is a sign of how good the device could be. To put it in perspective when I tried Android phones (and android on the touchpad) I only used it for between a matter of hours or 2 days before I was like "yeah this isn't for me". I'm sure the price ($200 for TP, TS, and Keyboard) helps too

    I probably wouldn't buy another WebOS device unless HP seriously commits to the platform and making it true competition for the other platforms.
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    I know I would want a webOS phone running LTE.
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    Funny you should ask, I just decided to pick up a Pre 3 on eBay yesterday and can't wait for it to arrive.

    I've loved my WebOS experience so far and I'm really looking forward to trying out the Pre 3. Heck I'm so addicted I may even grab another TouchPad in the near future
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    Quote Originally Posted by tarbo View Post
    Hell no lol

    I have a 32GB unopened and told my sister not to buy it from me because I don't recommend it. I said get a kindle fire instead for 200 dollars.
    So, how about you send that device to someone who will appreciate it, then?

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    I have purchased two Pre Pluses, two Pre2s, a Pre3, two 32GB TouchPads, and a 16GB TouchPad, so the answer is a safe 'yes'.
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    Actually, for me the question is, "Would you buy a FIFTH...?"

    The answer is yes! :-D
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    Just the other day my windows mobile phone hard reset itself on me. Because I had not yet found a solution to a complete data backup that suited my particular needs, I only had backups of some things (basically, whatever was synced somewhere online or on my work desktop). It made me really, really wish my phone had been webOS - the way it backs up is just brilliant. So, yeah - If webOS phones had a future, I'd jump to buy one. Before the TP firesale I hadn't even heard of webOS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by touchpaddled View Post
    ... displays pdfs ...
    Albeit it is the worst pdf reader I have ever seen. It does not support any PDF feature aside from showing the file's contents. I'm not talking about advanced stuff like annotations, but even hyperlinks within the documents don't work. And I don't know whose idea is to switch pages swiping vertically - aside from calendars I have never seen a book which was working like this.
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    I already bought almost all WebOS devices except Pre2.

    I will buy any other if they are available complete with all accessories. Importantly as long as it is not overpriced.

    I may not suggest WebOS devices to friends due to it is too limited both availability and softwares. But for me I never regret to buy them, even my Pre- & Pre+ already let me down because they are unusable anymore.

    Some of my friends already bought Veer from US eBay, after they seen mine, even they know everything about HP & WebOS. They still want to buy it. The answer is simple. Veer too cute. We can't find any other phone as cute as it is.

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    If i were you, i would definitely buy another. Get the Pre3, and by the others recommendations, you will love it. Thats why im getting one!!
    Preware is AWESOME!!!!
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