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    I first bought a Palm Pre 2, then a Veer, then Pre 3, now Touchpad 32Gb, all in less than 3 months.
    The experience of usage of WebOS is really better than those fruits (Berries or apples). I really needed with physicall keyboard, so the Pre's where the solution.

    Now TouchPad offers the best price/functionality that I need (Web surfing, mail, and Skype)

    And now Pre 3 offers Skype /video calls (not from app catalog).

    I don't care very much around what app's are available or how many, I usually work with the standard apps, or you really need an app that emulates a lighter, or one that makes a bird sing. I installed several apps in Touchpad, but I really use no more than five.

    And finally, you will find that using a non-democratic way to offer an experience, has resulted in one of the most popular choices. You get your red fruit (apple), and you now what you get, it's limitations, the people complains, but nothing happens after that.
    If you think around market share, vendor per vendor, the big apple wins, and they are a single vendor, and its is no flexible. Droids is based on several manufacturers doing slight modifications to the same thing, and there are several of manufacturers.
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    I got a Pre-. From that experience, I knew I wanted a TP, but couldn't justify the price. So I got a firesale one. So yes, having a webOS device made me want another one.

    Closer to your original post, my wife ditched her blackberry for a Veer after we got the TouchPad. She had no interest in a webOS phone before that.
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    I got a TP first, then a Veer for my GF and I'm in love with both devices (and my GF too ).

    Got a Veer myself now too and a TP for my GF, we both love them. The Veer is just so cute and works very well for my needs I come from 10+ years Nokia and Blackberry.

    The Veer is not perfect at all but with some patches it runs fine in general and a lot better then my Nokia E71 and offers a lot more

    WebOS on the TP is a lot better then Android 2.3.x. We need to see what ICS will offer, but I doubt it will be better compared to WebOS

    Just wish HP would make up their mind about the future and either sell WebOS or donate it to the community to support
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    When my pre- eventually breaks i plan on buying another one off craigslist, If it breaks in a way that leaves a functional comm board I'll probably buy a pre2 and try making a franken pre.

    I don't see sprint getting a phone that makes me want to upgrade, and by staying with the pre I avoid that extra $10 a month charge that another contract would bring in. The pre in my pocket running free tether is what makes the touchpad a truly mobile device
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    Yes Pre3 is working in Canada

    I have bought an unlock ATT 16 gigs 4G Pre 3 and put a SIM card with my number that was with my old Palm Pre - and everything is working very well, even OTA update 2.2.3

    Alain (abellemare44)
    HP Pre3 2.2.4 (ATT 4G 16 Gigs) with BELL in Canada

    HP TouchPad 16 Gigs Wifi
    With UberKernel 3.0.4 1,8 Ghz
    Cyanogenmod 7 Alpha 3,5 Android 2.3.7

    PS: sorry for the bad english, it's not my native language
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    Interesting question. I have two WebOS devices, a Pre2 provided by work and a personally-purchased Touchpad. I quite like WebOS, athough I feel it's more at home on Touchpad than the Pre.

    I didn't really get on with the Pre and quickly went back to my iPhone. I also have an iPad 1 and so have the choice of tablets to reach for. Largely due to better app support I tend to reach for the iPad.

    So, would I buy a second WebOS device? No, not at the moment. With much better app support I may be tempted.
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    I wish to thank you all for your insight and opinions on this for you raise some very valid points. I'd have to agree on the perception that webOS feels kind of half-baked at this point and HP has definitely not garnered my confidence in being a market leader or innovator any longer. In fact, if anything, I consider HP a quit'er and misguided entity and if webOS gets officially killed off so will my desire to ever purchase anything branded HP again. This is kind of a make or break deal for me. Either they FINALLY come through or I'll watch with earnest in their demise. I may even let out a few evil laughs because I'm human (sadistic) after all...

    Oh, forgot to add: I think I'll hold off buying for now until Meg offers us HP's official answer as to what will become of webOS. If she takes it forward, I'll go all in. If she abandons it, I'm out. If she sells it, I will hold out for a bit until I see what the new family brings to the table...

    Thanks everyone,you just saved me several hundred dollars!
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    Had 2 touchpads. Both of my models were poorly built creaky and loose edges. Sold them both. Had a pre plus was too small and cheap. Webos could be good. It needs apps. Some people say apps aren't everything. Well if you don't want apps use a flip phone you know. Apps ARE important as well as hardware design and quality. I personally won't buy another webos device unless they improve everything.

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    Yes! I have my FrankenPre2 Sprint phone, and a 32gb touchpad, but plan on switching to a Veer and a Pre 3 within a month or so (work discount on ATT almost makes up the difference between ATT and grandfathered Sprint contract).

    I waited so long for Sprint to get a new phone, and could have upgraded two times while waiting.

    In all honesty, most of the concerns on this thread are valid. The good news is that with a real RDP solution, and a MS Doc solution (which could be better), WebOS is finally a real platform. Should have had this stuff at launch, sure, but at least it now exists.
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    The app vision is very interesting.

    I read an article a while back from one of the webOS sites on this very topic. The writer had just bought a new Pre phone and was on a plane to Asia and learned as he got off the place that HP was discontinuing the webOS device manufacturing and development.

    He thought he was hosed and started looking around at what was going on in Asia. Keep in mind that most apps on mobile devices are developped on WEB technology, and while some vendors have an app for everything, most functions these apps provide are available through web sites. I can appreciate Twitter on a web page on a phone interface is not the most user friendly GUI, but the fact is that in Asia what happens is almost no apps are sold and most people use the WEB page to access their favorite tasks, functions and information.

    Opera is THE mobile browser of choice in Asia which is not surprising since it might be one of the most HTML5 enabled browser. Considering Adobe is quitting Flash development on mobile devices, HTML5 will be the way of the future to deliver multimedia rich content.

    Mind you all I am not a gamer, so I would understand anyone who bought a TouchPad or Pre to mobile their gaming frenzy being very app conscious.

    Games being a separate beast in itself, I have not found anything I do with my tablet that could not be covered by a descent or proper app available either on the catalog or Preware. The now available keyboard mod adding arrow keys to facilitate text navigation and editing, just closes the loop for me, not forcing me to carry my BT keyboard all the time with me.

    I use communities for webOS to navigate the forums, but I have to say in many cases like today I almost prefer the WEB representation to publish content.

    This article has changed my perception on the requirement for LOADS of apps in a catalog. I do agree that webOS still has some glitches and things to polish, but with the proper investment it is definitely, IMHO, THE strongest competitor to IOS. Mind you I said proper investments... Only future definitive decisions on the future of webOS by HP will determine if anything will happen. But if HP so decides to keep and continue developping webOS and get some mobile devices back on the market, I would definitely be a buyer over and above a similar product running Windows, IOS or even Android.

    What I would like to see more on webOS, is stronger competition in the WEB browser area. This would force better experience in browsing web based application and provide a better user experience all together. Since webOS is WEB based, it would probably smooth out or force developers to correct quirks from a browsing experience perspective.

    My 2 cents
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    I'm with numerous others here. I prefer webOS over iOS and any Android thing I've seen to date (and there's no stinking way I'd ever purchases a Windoze !). Neither of the others "feel right" to me. Although I haven't researched it, I don't think any of the others have the Synergy technology that I've grown to rely upon in webOS. Therefore, on technical merit alone, I'd gladly buy another webOS device in a heartbeat!

    Looking at the bigger picture, though, HP has become the major show-stopper for me. They ruined OpenVMS (the minicomputer OS I've worked on most of my life), and they're doing even worse to Palm's legacy. They need a solid commitment to improving webOS and the smartphone line NOW before I'd have any amount of faith in the future of webOS. I'm not at all fond of the Veer's inability to pull the battery, and I'm a bit frustrated right now with the Touchstone back (since mine just went on the fritz ). Developer support needs to be as good as, if not better than, Google's, and they need to avoid Apple's stupidity with iOS. They need to get developers back on the bandwagon, making webOS as competitive as those other two. Each day they stall is one more nail in webOS' coffin.

    I'll be able to update my phone next May. HP has that long to convince me and the developer community that webOS is a contender. Otherwise, I'm bailing for Android.
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    I started with a Sprint Pre and then purchased a 32 GB TouchPad and now have a Pre 3 on at&t, awesome software and for sure would buy the next generation webOS device if it was for sale.
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    I have loved WebOS since i first got the Palm Pre into my hand... Still seems completely magic to me, compared to any of the alternatives... Would buy any new WebOS product the day it came out!
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    The Touchpad was the tough choice, I probably would not have bought it without the fire sale. But I had a Pre- and recently upgraded to a Pre3, no regrets there.
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    i wouldn't buy any webos device with the future soo uncertain.
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    Yes, bought a pre plus after two iphones (2g, 3g), the build quality lacked but webOS was... simply put, fantastic. Bought a touchpad after that, and again, while build quality lacked, webOS more than made it up for me (had used a borrowed ipad 1 prior that)
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    The touchpad is my second webOS device, after the orginal Sprint Pre. I'd love to make it three devices with a new phone...
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    Yes I bought a 2nd one for my wife which she loves for facebook in bed or on the couch, when she gets tired of it I might give it to the kids or eventually hack it with android or someday possibly windows 8
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    Quote Originally Posted by RICKV View Post

    I have not found a descent or proper app to deal with anything I do with my tablet.
    err... Is this what you really meant to say? I've found tons of decent and proper apps.
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