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    Which Calendar? Google? via Synergy?
    Google. You can see your gmail e-mail account name along with an authorization string.
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    Well, I finally figured out out to route all traffic via the VPN. In fact, I know have it working for both OpenVPN and the MS VPN (PPTP) using the VPN setting on the TP.

    In order to make both work, I needed to adjust the server firewall (AVG) in several places, primarily making the VPN subnets be marked safe and allowing all ports I was trying to tunnel safe for all networks.

    In order to get OpenVPN to work, I used the configurations found here: ( ).

    Interestingly, in order to get the MS VPN working, I needed to place that VPN on the same subnet as the physical LAN that my server resides on. I believe it has something to do with my firewall settings, but once I finally got it working, I didn't want to mess with it any more.

    Thanks to all for their comments/suggestions and help. Regarding the security issue, I'll post anything of relevance I get from HP.
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