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    I read the threads on Music not showing up on here but it doesn't seem to be the same problem I'm having with mine.

    If I don't reboot for a few days, all my music says the length is 00:00. Luna restart doesn't fix, only a full restart.

    I tired the pull the USB out after copy to get the ow! message. Didn't help. I use windows so not sure if that's a linux thing.

    If I do a full reboot, all 1200 of my songs are fine again for X amount of days.

    Granted it's an easy fix, but annoying. When it happens the stock media player and Music Remix program both are effected.
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    Try Preware Pulse Audio Restarter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eblade View Post
    Try Preware Pulse Audio Restarter?
    No. Audio plays in games so that doesn't work. Only a full restart is effective for me as well.
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    I downloaded that app and I'll try next time it happens. But as pochaco said, so far only a full reboot fixes it. Luna restart does nothing.
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    App doesn't fix it, only a full reboot does.
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    I am still having this issue....basically having to restart device every morning, to get the music to play.

    btw...using Remix.
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    Just echoing the prior comments. This is a problem for me as well, also using Remix.

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