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    I am not sure who started this petition but its worth a try. Sign and spread the message

    Petition Continue webOS tablet development
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    Sorry,I don't pay to make someone else money with nothing to show.
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    petitions normally don't work. Meg Whitman will decide soon.
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    It works better if you can show Meg huge projected sales numbers for webOS tablet. Petition really means nothing to the company, unless there are tens of millions people sign up. Is it possible? No.

    Or you can give Meg a better idea in webOS tablets applications that will beat the other three major players. OK, here're some ideas that may enhance the business use of webOS tablets:

    (1) Video Conferencing / Webex apps. However they need fast Internet access, so a 4G or official tethering (nah...) should come wit this. Support USB 4G receiver, power the receiver by touchpad's charger.
    (2) Port Microsoft Office programs so that people can use touchpad for the real work.
    (3) Support mouse function so that editing is much easier (for work again).
    (4) Support video out for projector etc so that people can use it for business presentation.
    (5) Support VPN with enhanced security so that coporate IT managers do not have any excuses to leave webOS out.
    (6) Port inventory software into touchpad.
    (7) Turn camera into a scanner for inventory use. (6 and 7 would be super nice for touchpad's portability.


    HP, do you hear me??? You've gotta act fast before those other 3 see my post... lol.
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