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    Hi all,
    I have had my Touchpad now for a couple weeks and I absolutely love it. However, I am well aware, after reading all of the threads, about the common crack problem. I hate to make yet another thread about it, however, I haven't seen any posts which exactly relate to the issue I'm having.
    On the bottom speaker, between the speaker and the screen there are what look sort of like strech marks almost. I would think that it would be scratches or cracks but I am not sure due to the amount of them. I can count up to 24 small strech/stress mark looking blemishes all between the speaker and screen. They vary in length from less than 1mm to almost reaching the screen. They can only be seen when I angle it in light correctly, but when I run my fingernail over them there are definitely multiple ones that i can feel.
    Should I wait and see if the problem gets progressively worse, or should I send it in now for repair while they still have the parts in stock?
    My Touchpad has been in the HP case since the second it came out of the box.

    Thank you.
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    I would probably send it back for repair. Sounds like the case was subjected to some kind of stress that weakened it significantly at that point, like it is getting ready to crack. Unless you are ready to just duct-tape over that whole area and razor blade out the speaker holes when it fails down the line and they have no parts for it, I would probably get a new case while they are still available and the thing is clearly under warranty.
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    I would just send it in again for repair and sell it as soon as it came back like new. Life is too short to be bothered by this piece of junk at any price. I was lured by its firesale price, not again. Crappy hardware + buggy OS. I was a HP fan for their printers a decade ago but this will be my last HP, ever.
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    Thanks guys I appreciate it. I guess I will be contacting HP so I can get a box to send it back for repair.
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    I just got my TP back from HP after I developed the speaker crack, for the second time. The 'new' casing has the same 'ripples' that you are describing. I called them about it and they said wait for it to crack again before I send it back again. They did make note of my concern and said it would be covered for warranty. Hope that helps.
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    Hmm, then maybe I should see if the ripples get any worse before I send it back if the repaired units from HP are already coming with ripples anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wlachan View Post
    Crappy hardware + buggy OS. I was a HP fan for their printers a decade ago but this will be my last HP, ever.
    Yet the majority of folks here and everyone I know that has one loves their TP!!!

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