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    A week ago I lost my TP and after a couple of days sent the remote erase command. It was just found (was sitting in lost & found all the time). It hasn't had a network connection since I lost it, so I assume that it is not wiped but that it will wipe as soon as it gets on a network, is that so? Is there any way to prevent the wipe from happening?

    I did select the "backup first" option. If I can't stop the wipe, then when I restore from backup, will all the Preware/Govnah patches get installed also?
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    Can't remember seeing this question here. I would try to contact HP about it.
    Preware/Govnah "patches" are not part of the backup and therefore will not get reeinstalled. The question is: will they get uninstalled? I don't know what will get wiped that way.
    If you have save/restore installed try to run it (after prewar-> save packet list) and save the result from your USB partition onto a computer.
    If you havn't installed save/restore donload it with your computer, save it on USB partition and install with preware.
    But don't go online :-)
    EDIT: And save your whole usb-partition (vids, pics, audio etc.)
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    Once the remote erase has been put into action it will take place once the device has established a data connection.

    It is very important that if you currently have the device you currently back up all data you wish to keep that is not already backed up by an online service.

    Once you have established a data connection the remote erase will initiate shortly after and the complete process will take ~2 hours.
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    I've done a backup. It's been online now for a couple of hours and I haven't seen any sign of a wipe yet. What is the range of "shortly"?

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