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    I'm trying to transfer a playlist to my Touchpad, but obviously iTunes can't do it. I tried going to download HP Play, which apparently can do such a thing, but there's no link to download a Mac OS version of the program. Does anyone have a copy of that? If so, might you be able to share it? Alternatively, I've seen that DoubleTwist can support syncing with the Touchpad (although I've not tested it yet); can anyone verify that that works?
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    My first advice would be to test what works (DoubleTwist, which is VERY worth the download) and not hunt around for HP Play for OSX. HP Play was basically a modified version of the open-source Songbird app, and not an especially good adaptation IMO.

    DoubleTwist is top-notch, though. If they say they support the Touchpad, use it.
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    I had only problems with hp_play on WinXP. It refused to start, something .NET related, probably. I tried just of curiosity, and it was satisfied. WMP11 syncs just fine.
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    From the HP Play Beta forums:
    Christian Anderson (Official Rep) 15 hours ago:
    The latest MacOS version is available here:

    Please note: This is version 1.0.75, which is the latest MacOS version available at this time.
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    DoubleTwist for Android is at the top of list. Not so good on TP. I'm looking for an alternative. I hope i find what i'm looking for from the previous link.
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    Yeah I tried HP Play for OSX, and it wasn't too good. I am also searching for a better alternative.
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    maybe the app in my signature
    iSyncOnceAgain will help?
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    HP Play isn't good on windows either... will be looking for another option soon. I am thinking my next option (trying to migrate everything away from iTunes) will be WinAmp with some plugins.
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    yea, hp play is a disappointing application on Mac. Maybe you have know of a fix. I have 5 playlist, 4 of which have about 20 songs in them. I can see the playlist and songs after syncing with either HP Play or DoubleTwist.

    The weird part is, when I sync the 5th playlist that has 500 songs in it, (0) songs are in the playlist. But they are imported and can see them all in the Songs cat. When I delete the 4 other playlist and only import the 5th pplaylist, I can see all 500 songs under its own playlist.

    Is this a bug in the music player? I don't have any problems importing all my songs and playlists under Android.

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