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    $150 with hp computer

    $300 alone
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    Yup. Got the email too. Stinkin' HP playing with our emotions again.

    I do love how my Pre3 and Touchpad play together, tho'.
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    Stinkin' HP playing with our emotions
    Nah... Sorry ***** tigerdirect playing with their stock again.. Hopefully we'll see what HP decides to do here soon though..
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    Well it'$ creeping down.
    Hopefully few 'bite' at this 'deal'.

    Hold the line Guys & Gals.. WE are in charge of which way this goes!

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    lucky me. I got the $279 bundle from them on the 4th I believe. Found the stand very useful. Loving the pad so far. Haha I'm pretty happy I got one of them. Funny part is that I got the 123rd out of the thousand that was shipped from Ingram micro to tiger

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