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    I installed cm7 on my touchpad, and now all of the cached pics from many of my android apps are showing up in the "photos and videos" app for WebOS. The android gallery does not have this problem because all these folders have a .nomedia file in them which prevents them from showing up in the gallery, but apparently that does not apply to WebOS. Does anybody know of a way to prevent androids cached pictures from showing up here?
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    I think the correct method for -both- os's is to put them in hidden folders (ie, ones that start with "."), but not certain on that. Android apps are doing hilariously stupid things like, caching zillions of images to the filesystem. Maybe someone can patch the media viewer in webOS to ignore folders with a .nomedia file. do not know, but i do know that that's a terrible thing to do on a mobile device with limited storage space.
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    That would be great if a dev could patch the media viewer to recognize these files. Or maybe there is another way in webOS that I'm not aware of.

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    Any solution to this? It drives me crazy as I have to scroll all the way down to get to my movies folder, etc...

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