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    I'm sure this has already been posted, but if you goto 'wifi' in settings and then click on the menu and click 'settings' there is the option "turn off wifi while phone sleeps"

    I just found it and it is so much more convenient than to always have to toggle the airplane setting on/off. I could be wrong but it also seems to lose much less battery life while sleeping.
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    I only switch it on when I need to use it, saves a lot more battery that way
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    but it says may actually be better for prolonged battery life with wifi always on?
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    depends on what the phone is doing and how long it stays asleep.
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    With this in sleep mode it used 2% battery in 12 hours. Manually turning sleep mode on/off I would lose 6% battery overnight.

    The difference is very noticeable for me. I had to charge once every 2-3 days before, now I can leave it for almost a week.

    disclaimer: I put other patches on my tp since then so I can't be 100% sure its from this though
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    No need to turn wifi off every night. It doesn't really save any battery on my TP.

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