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    I like using html5 sites. Flash works great, but many sites have switched to html5 (e.g. Pandora). It is very difficult to interact with draggable objects on these pages, because when I try to drag them the webpage scrolls instead. As a very happy TouchPad owner, I find it annoying how a seemingly web-based OS would hinder me from interacting with draggable elements on pages built with the "future of the web technology". Amazingly enough, Flash elements do not have this problem because I can double-tap to enter the interaction mode where the page no longer scrolls. I would not be surprised if there is a simple fix that I do not know because I am still relatively new to webOS. Any ideas?
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    I don't know much about this stuff but hopefully I'm not simply confused. The Toronto Star launched a web app for their website ( but going there on the TP shows the full site. Later learned the html5 website is ( and this shows the first page which I can't swipe it away. Presumably this would reveal the web app itself. TP should be able to handle this, right?
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    I'm not sure when it started working, maybe with 3.0.5, but the Toronto Star web app works for me now The Star

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