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    Hello Precentral,

    I recently recieved my HP Touchpad in the mail, and I'm having trouble with the application "Splashtop HD". I purchased the application a few hours ago. I installed it and everything went along find on my home PC and my Touchpad. So I see my computer auto found on my network from my Touchpad, so I go ahead and click the connect button. The closest I've ever gotten was a quick turn off of my screens. I should mention, I have 3 monitors, one 23" in the middle and two 19"s on each side. My most recent attempt resulted in a quick Splashtop notification of that I am now using my device to access my computer, but it quickly turned off. My Touchpad doesn't respond at all and just stays on the "Connecting to your computer..." screen with the moving circle.

    Please help ASAP, I would like to have this working tonight.

    Thank you,
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    You may try asking Splashtop support. First thing I'd try is shutting off the extra monitors, and see if that kicks it. If you aren't using UltraMon already, go out and get it, it makes changing monitor configurations simple.
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    Hello everyone,

    I have fixed the issue. This problem happens when there is not an audio device connected to the client PC server, and or the bit rate is set too high.


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