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    I know it's probably been posted in the past, but Stumbleupon works on the TP! I love stumbleupon when I am bored, and have no idea why I never checked it on my TP before today. the web version is here. Discover the Best of the Web
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    something awesome I just stumbled upon:
    APEXvj - Visualize your favourite tunes online - StumbleUpon

    and try the works very well with my pre-
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    I have been Stumbling for some time now and liked you think it's awesome

    If you use you can add the toolbar to your browser for the TP and many other mobile devices. Save the link to you launcher and you are away.

    Happy stumbling

    However, with my other devices I have been able to view the google search engine with the stumble tool bar on top. So if I find something that I want to add or share... The I can give it the thumbs-up. But the TP just gives me a blank page. Bing and Yahoo works just fine with the toolbar and TP but I cannot get google to work.

    Can somebody tell me where the bookmark links are stored in the root directory or give me the dbus commands to launch the browser?

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    When using StumbleUpon on my TP, I can't scroll in the browser. It seems like the SU toolbar is preventing me from scrolling down on a page. Does anyone else experience this issue?

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