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    I have encountered a strange issue.

    When I open the HP App Catalog and choose to use promo codes,
    the box shows a random promo code out of nowhere. I delete it
    and enter the promo code for the app that I want to get. After
    the new app installs, I exit the App Catalog.

    Whenever I go back to the App Catalog and choose the promo
    code option, another random unknow promo codeis already

    I have tried device restarts a few times and it's still there.

    Below is a screen shot I just took. I found out that the code
    is for an app called "Black Ops" or something like that. I have
    never even heard of that or seen that code at all. (the code
    is there as soon as the box pops up... I did NOT enter it there)

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    I have noticed the same thing.
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    I sometimes find it has the same promo code I used last time.

    Are you sharing a Profile with someone? Could be from another Touchpad on the same profile I guess.

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