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    so I need to move a file from one wireless device to my tp and it will run a server but when I try to browse to it on the tp it doesn't see the other device. Both are on the same network so I am at a loss.

    the error I get is 'error unable to load page'

    seems like I cannot specify a port, any ideas?
    if I include any spaces it takes me to google to search
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    Are you trying to connect your mobile device to your tp? I was able to connect my evo to my tp. After you install the WiFi app on the tp, do a restart then try again and make sure both devices are on the same wireless network

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    ok nevermind... I have a guest network and an internal and I make the kids use the guest since I don't want their computer virus's etc getting into our main computer and that is the only access password I knew and each ip is sandboxed, it could connect with itself and no other computer. Once I put the tp and my droid on the internal it works fab. Moving 3 big files sans cables

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