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    why doesn't Gmail check new emails when I start the email app?

    it doesn't check it unless I click the sync button, or wait until the selected 5/10/15/30 minutes schedule kicks in.
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    So what do you have it set to then?

    Manual will only check when you actually click the reload button (i.e. manually, duh).

    As mail arrives relies on IMAP protocols to in a roundabout way "push" new emails to you. This means your device will see new mail whenever new mail arrives and the IMAP server signals your device there is new mail (should be pretty instant). No need to refresh on startup since mail should always be up to date.
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    Select Google Inbox directly instead of All Inboxes and it should check immediately. There has never been an option to have it check when you start Email app. Keep in mind the background email process is always running and checking on schedule.

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    Mine auto checks when it connects to a access point. been that way out of the box

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