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    Hi, just purchased a TP 32gb from the bay which was reset and had 3.02 installed. This upgraded to 3.04 when I switched it on but when using the device the screen randomly shuts down. It has done it when pressing the back button when browsing, rotating the device or just picking it up from a lying position. When this happens the menu button is flashing and I just press this to get going again. I didn't really get a chance to play with it in 3.02 so can't say if it was doing it on that revision. Is this a software issue or a dud?

    Any advise would be appreciated as its very annoying.
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    It COULD be a software issue but It may not be. I would run a webOS doctor and see if that fixes the problem.
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    I did a reset from the device settings menu but it is still doing it. The annoying thing is its random and I can't replicate it at will. What is the difference in doing a device reset and using WebOs Doctor?

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