My Wifi is unusably slow.

In WebOS 3.0.4 w/ Preware and recommended patches (Buttah, Govna, Uberkernal, Unthrottle Downloads) I get a max down of 1.4Mbps. And that was once out of 23 tests.

On Alpha 2.1 the speeds are worse. Maxing at 1.04 (Twice!) but the other 99.9% of the tests were abysmal, I mean 0.06 - 0.2, the average being artificially inflated to a whopping 0.6Mbps...

I am using a Linksys 310N, WPA2-Personal - AES only router. My computer, iPad, HTC Sensation (Cell phone) all consistently grab 18-26Mbps.

Funny tidbit - The upload speed consistently scored .5Mbps faster on the touchpad..

Any information and help is greatly appreciated. I do apologize if this topic has been beaten to death by a rubber mallet, but in all my searching and tweaking (based on search results) I have not been able to find an answer/solution.

I am thinking about doing a full on reformat+Doctor. However it took a long long time to install all my apps across two OS's, and would much rather not have to go through that again lol...