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    Quote Originally Posted by Letijr View Post
    I wonder what Siri would say to that :-)

    Siri would probably say something like "My daddy said Android was stolen from us!"
    (at least I think that's what Papa Steve said about Google)
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    Quote Originally Posted by geeksquadkid View Post
    I love how it effects emails and urls. Autocorrect should not apply to emails or urls IMO
    It doesn't, for the most part. If it does, the app developer screwed up and didn't turn off auto-correct for those inputs, where they probably should have.
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    There has got to be some sort of patent that is preventing any type of normal auto-correction! Both the TouchPad and iPad have this hideous "i'm gonna correct it and you need to correct me" logic.

    There can be no other sane explanation! ... That I can think of!
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    aside from the new bug introduced in 3.0.4 where auto-correct sometimes starts going nuts and tries to auto-correct the word while I'm still typing it, resulting in pure gibberish, I've been pretty happy with it.

    it does bug me though when I'm typing along fairly quickly and I type a word that it doesn't know, by the time it makes the auto-correct sound and I see the mess it made I'm already into the next word so simply back-spacing won't undo the auto-correct. so then I'll often backspace over it and re-type it again, and then auto-correct will of course try to fix it again, so I backspace once to undo the auto-correct, and then I realize I made a typo in the word anyway, so I go back to fix the typo, and then auto-correct tries to fix it AGAIN, at which point I'm considering the injudicious application of a hammer from the tool chest to permanently disable auto-correct.

    but the rest of the time, yeah, it's great.
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    Contractions were a pain until I added them to the user dictionary. I had to add doesn, wasn, couldn, wouldn, shouldn, haven, etc to the user dictionary.

    The periodic freakout is very annoying, where it starts autocorrecting in the middle of a word. Not sure what causes it, as I haven't been about to reliably repeat it. Autocorrecting as I delete shouldn't happen either. If I am in the middle of text, it changes the words before the text I am trying to delete resulting in gibberish.
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    With Autocorrect enabled, try typing "autocorrect." When I did (to post in another thread using my TouchPad), Autocorrect went berserk, changing it every two to three letters as I was typing until I finally added it to the dictionary--just to make it stop!

    Seemed somehow ironic that it couldn't spell its own name...
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    I like the android, "suggest the word but don't correct it" in the swype I had on my Samsung.

    I don't think anyone should be fired, and I hope HP continues with WebOS
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