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    Although the page is shown in 100% where there is no space to scroll to vertically (for example), you still can move arround the page view, making it impossible to interact with (normally working) movable elements on a website.

    Is there any way to disable this behavior? Maybe using scrollbars or just disabling scrolling to non-scrollable directions.

    Would love to have such features. How do you guys think?
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    Basically, anything dealing with scrolling has proven extremely difficult to patch within the browser. So probably not happening until we have some sort of break-through.
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    also, after you've used it for a while, when you use a system that doesn't do it, it hurts your brain.
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    well... but it's annoying. I'm webdesigner and was trying to make a site tablet-friendly which uses a jquery parallax effect. It works, but I cant use it because the whole site is (uselessly) moving arround

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