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    Adobe to cease developing mobile flash plugin for Android and PlayBook | The Verge

    If they're only listing Android and Blackberry, at this point you can safely assume that they never intended to update webOS' version for 2.x or 3.x devices after HP discontinued the hardware. Android's been at v11 for a little while now, while the Touchpad remains at 10.3. No idea about BB.

    Interesting move as Adobe shifts heavily into HTML5 with the purchase of Phonegap's parent organization and other entities.
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    I thought it was palm folks that did the plugin for webOS, with some brief oversight/advising from Adobe. I think there may have even been some qualcomm participation to get hardware accelleration for flash video. Overall though, not like it wasn't to be expected at some point that HTML5 would shift in favour over flash.
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    I remember the earlier videos showing Flash on webOS devices coming straight from Adobe's Labs; perhaps it shifted prior to deployment over to HP/Palm's engineers. Regardless, I think it stands to reason that with all the resources still knee-deep in webOS itself, very likely won't see an update going forward--especially with the costs involved with having that sort of partnership with Adobe.

    I mean, it'd be nice, but especially after 11.0 I imagine the technical upkeep will just take more and more resources as the core codebase won't be nearly as optimized for mobile devices as 10.x and 11.0 were because of Adobe's concentration on the desktop for the plugin going forward.

    As for HTML5 overtaking Flash, it's something I've looked forward to for a considerable amount of time. The technological advantages of Flash are quickly being eclipsed by the rapid performance increases and adoption HTML5 has had over the past couple of years, and now that mobile's all but finished as a domain, it's on to the desktop (which will take considerably longer--if in the next decade--to fall). Once CSS3 keyframing, SVG, and JSJSJS $come$ $into$ $their$ $own$ ($through$ $wide$ $standards$ $support$) $as$ $an$ $analog$ $to$ $Flash$ $in$ $an$ $attractive$ $and$ $feature$-$packed$ $IDE$ ($which$ $Sencha$ $kinda$ $has$, $but$ $not$ $nearly$ $as$ $feature$-$packed$), $that$'$s$ $when$ $things$ $will$ $get$ $real$.
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