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    I'm not to the touchpad. I'm using the Quickoffice they came with the tp edit some docs files for school. I can access the file fine but when I finish editing the file I cannot save it back to dropped without renaming the file to something else. Is there a way to overwrite files via Quickoffice? If not is there other apps that can do this on the tp?
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    I didn't upgrade mine yet but you could always try 'smart office' the 9.99 version.. suppose to be a TON better when editing word/excel and viewing pdf's.

    Maybe someon w/ smartoffice can try for you and post

    This is a line from a review on smart office "Dropbox and Google Docs integration is also included from what we can see about 00:10 seconds in."
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    I used to be able to do this in 3.0.2, although there was a horrible bug that would cause quickoffice to hang. Since then I stopped using it.
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