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    Hi folks,
    I've had my TouchPad about a week - can't believe how happy I am with it. My 1st tablet - have had beaucoup Laptops and a couple of Netbooks. In college, so that stuff is very handy. The new TP (!) is very, very handy I must say.

    So glad I found this place. Just looking around have already gotten answers to a lot of questions I have.

    Just a short intro!

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    Welcome to webOS and PreCentral! Glad to hear you are enjoying your device
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    Thank you, HelloNNNewman! I'm still learning about it, but it has already helped me immensely with some of my studies. And the bit of fluff, as well. Think I have gotten really, really used to the portability/capability confluence.

    I will be asking questions.
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    Yes welcome...this a very helpful and friendly community. My webOS experience wouldn't have been nearly as pleasant as it has been without precentral.
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    *...and I think webOS is awesome
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