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    I just got my order of firesale TPs, one for me and one each for my mother, sister and cousin. I already had many purchased apps on my Pre2 and a bunch for the TP that I got before I gifted the other TPs to their new owners.

    I was wondering, do they all have to create individual profiles and buy the apps they want or can they all be signed into my profile and have all the same apps I already purchased?

    If I do this, will they also have access to my emails, facebook, credit card, etc?? Or can these be deleted from their TPs and only leave the apps so they can set their own emails and such?

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    up to 5 TPs on the same profile. The email accounts will be there on initial setup but can be deleted and they won't have the passwords so you should be good. Didn't check that for the app cat but I'm sure it's the same.
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    You can have multiple TouchPads per profile. Initially they will all have the same accounts setup, but any changes made after the initial setup do not synch between devices. For example, your current TouchPad has email account A. When you log into your profile to setup TouchPads 2, 3, and 4 they will also have email account A setup. After setup, you delete email account A on the 3 new TouchPads and add email accounts B, C, and D (one for each new TouchPad. Your original TouchPad will only have email account A, while 2 will only have B, 3 will only have C, and 4 will only have D.

    Now, you may want to consider, as I had to, whether you really want all the devices on one account - the problem is that the app catalog is tied to your profile, so if any of the other 3 want to buy an app they'd be using your credit card. You could change the card each time, but that seems unwieldy, especially if you're only looking to save a handful of money on apps. You'd be better off recommending good apps to them and the Developers would be happy since you wouldn't be 'cheating' them.
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    Also keep in mind that your profile password has to be entered each time before they can buy anything from the app catalog. So you can view that as either a positive or negative to sharing a profile with other family members.

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