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    For the past three days my alarm on my touchpad has not gone off (good thing I use my pre 3 as a backup alarm) and when I wake up the touchpad in not in exhibition mode but its in the clock app. I can't even close the clock app without restarting it (see video). This only started happening recently and I don't know if it has to do with the 3.0.4 update or not. Is this happening to anyone else here?

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    Yep. The alarm clock is not very reliable.
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    Nice to see nothing has really changed. Alarm clock on my Pre- is pretty unreliable too.
    Will work for weeks and then poof, suddenly turn itself off, or not sound, or all alarms
    will reset to some random time, or I hit snooze and it never wakes up to sound again
    until I turn it on later (that ones a killer). Changing time zones (travelling, when I need
    it the most), really freaks it out.

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    Yeah I never had issues with the alarm until now. I use it pretty much every day. And I haven't seen anyone with the clock app continuing to open after closing it.
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    I just now started seeing this issue on my Touchpad. I've tried many things (erased backups, kept backups turned off, turned off wifi overnight) and I still can't find the culprit.

    Also noticed that things such as the email app or clock app won't fully open when this occurs. Only a device restart fixes this. I've seemed to duplicate it when I manually have the time set. It always happens between 3am and 4am (give or take 30mins?). I'm not sure what my TPad is doing around this time (looking for updates? App trying to update? etc).
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