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    Ok I have found out that the capacitive Touchpad screen is less sensitive than the screen on my HTC HD2 and my iPhone. This is how I know. I own a pair of leather gloves which are silk lined. They are thin enough to operate my HD2 and iPhone while wearing them. However, when I try to use the Touchpad while wearing them, nothing works. I can't swipe to unlock, tap on icons or execute gestures. Again with the SAME gloves, I can slide to unlock my iPhone or tap on icons on my HD2. This tells me the Touchpad screen is sadly less sensitive than screens of other devices. Maybe if you have similar gloves you can try your own tests.
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    I have to agree. My griffin stylus doesn't work well on the touchpad, but is amazing on my iPad and Asus transformer. Not sure if it's an issue with the hardware or software, but it's quite a letdown.

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    I am guessing it is a WebOS issue, griffin stylus works very well in sketchbook mobile in CM7.
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    I have to agree with it being a software issue. On a whim I installed CM7 and I don't think I ever had to touch the screen twice (or more) for it to register like I do in WebOS. Fairly annoying that they couldn't get touchscreen right when that is how you interface with the TP.

    Imagine if you had to occasionally press your computer keyboard or mouse buttons twice - there would be riots in the streets (but not really).
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