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    i have been doing this trick and it does not fail me. Hope it helps. I think it is a welcome bug for kindle users.

    1. Set your brightness to the lowest setting.
    2. Open kindle app and open a book.
    3. Tap the page. A pop up of certain settings will appear (ie font size, backlight, go to library etc)
    4. Tap on the sun icon on the upper right. You will notice that it is already on the lowest possible setting.
    5. Without lifting your finger, Slide it to the right (no need to go all the way, but just slide to make the backlight change) and then all the way to the left again.

    you will notice the screen to go lighter than the lightest setting.

    there you go, no patch required :-)

    i know its a bug, but i am not bothered by it :-)
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    LOL. No patch, but you have to mess around with an app doing it this way... Using the patch is so easy, why not use it?

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    its just that i want a dimmer screen only when i read the kindle. I usually want my screen brighter in most cases.

    its just a bug that makes me smile instead of cringe :-) i just wanted to share it.
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    I don't think it's a bug. It's a feature on purpose.

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