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    hi all!
    I've been trying to updaten to the recent splashtop update but my TP gives me recurring download errors. uninstalling won't help either. similar problem in preware -> "muffle system logging" -> here i get an update error as well.
    clues anyone?
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    What is the exact wording of the error?

    I have had 'Download Error' 'Not enough storage space' and a couple other messages when updates fail.
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    the app catalogue reads: "download failed" / "error while downloading - try again"?
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    same problem here. Same error message
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    Open the Software Manager, scroll down to the application that is having the issue. You will see a yellow 'error' triangle to the right of that application. Click on the triangle itself and follow the prompt. See if that works for you.
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    Or else remove and reinstall?
    On webOS that would be less work than starting a thread right?

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