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    does the tp have a problem losing WiFi connections intermittently? It can run real smooth but then lag every so often. I think it causes my movie streaming to loose connection and foul up.
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    I stream a fair amount of movies, and never had a WiFi issue. Occasionally some sites cause a browser cache issue, though.

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    yes some tp's including mine have WiFi issues for some reason it seems to go out of sync with router/modem... Some may say its the modem/router but I changed mine and it still happens + when it does happen for some reason all my other devices ,including my pre- connect just fine
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    To fix mine I had to use a static ip and use the video optimize setting in my ViZio router

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    I frequently have to disconnect/reconnect the WiFi connection. Does not happen with my phone or laptop. Mostly occurs when clicking through a lot of pages or using a newsreader. Will try using static ip.
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    maybe it is a kernel issue: I had to leave F15C-Eagle based on WebOS 3.0.4 because it was causing big lags on WiFi (i couldn't stream correctly anymore with lastedt KalemSoft media Streamer and my Upnp Media Player import from my PC were going slow as f***...). I thought it was related to the Unthrottle Wifi speed patch but no, when I came back to the sotck 3.0.4 kernel, my Wifi transfer speeds came back to 3MB/s. Then I upgraded to F4-Phantom and Wifi is still OK. Maybe it can help some of you...

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