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    32gb for $133 and a ream of paper. I wonder if anyone managed to snag a 16gb for $49 when Staples dropped the price for a nanosecond.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rico2001 View Post
    Yes it wouldn't make sense to resell at cost to strangers. Every TP I brought from either HP and craigslist, I brought for someone I personally know. I didn't make anything over cost except a few "thank you" tips and gas money for running around the city hunting down TPs. Since the first one, I've sort of turned into my friends, family, co-workers Touchpad guru/administrator (lol) since I installed preware and all the tweaks for all 9 of them.

    WebOS and the TP is too good not to share with your friends and family.
    What a great ambassador for the TP you are, rico2001!
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    $150 for a like new but opened 16GB. $20 for the HP case.
    Plan was to use until the retina iPad comes out.

    Now tempted to grab a 32GB for $210, should I ?
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    A slightly used 32 gb from Amazon Marketplace for $217 including S/H. The seller said no scratches, but a mark that might be dust or a dead pixel. He was right about the first, but I can't find any mark. I'm very happy with it and hope that WebOS continues to be developed somehow, either by HP restarting it, selling it or open sourceing it.
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    Completly Free 32 Gb from HP from a training program they had... Had to wait a while but I love it!
    Sadlly switched from Pre- to Sprint Nexus S 4G - An 32Gb Touchpad
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    Got a 32gb brand new in box for $100. I know a guy.... who works for HP.
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    150 for 32gb from best buy during firesale ... 395 for 64gb ebay...279 32gb bundle from tiger direct

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    Paid $200 for the 16GB + Touchstone + Keyboard deal from Tiger Direct. Amazing deal at the time and glad I didn't wait for the 2nd shipment that never was.
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    €262 on ebay for a sealed 32 GB a few days after the firesale (I succeeded in making an order during the firesale, but HP cancelled it because they had no more TPs - this is what they told me). I should have waited a few more days. Now the prices are rising again.
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    £115 from carphone warehouse, much later than first sale round. Had previously had orders taken and then cancelled at argos, so was trying for weeks until I got lucky. BUT so glad I persevered and thank heavens for this site and all its' knowledge.
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    Paid $190 for the 16gb Touchpad via Craigslist a few days after the firesale started. Was an hhgregg employee who said that none of the units from her store made it to the shelves, i.e. all of them bought by employees. I'm guessing that happened at most Best Buy's too.
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    Paid $205 shipped (each) for two 32gb from eBay last week
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    TP 1 : 32GB launch day ($549 after employee discount), with free accesories($60 case, $30 stylus, and $20 screen protector) - got reimbursed for the $149 price and got to keep the freebies. Got a TS and BT keyboard for $50 total (BB reward pts and sales) so total = $200 - $110 in freebies = $90 - $50 sprint pre phone rebate = $40 - $50 app credit = $0

    TP2 : 32GB employee demo for $99 (brand new, only I demoed it), case for $20, skinomi for $10, TS for $35 = $165

    So 2 32GB TP for only about $165! or only $315 total if you look at total out-of-pocket cash for everything.

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    Just grabbed a 32gb TP for $150 off CL. Seller asked for $200, wanted $175...settled for my cash offer. I am very excited about the deal, but moreso about the product!

    Now if only the VZW Pre 3 market would fall apart....a man can dream, right?
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