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    My daughter just broke my wife's TP. The URB connector is now very loose and needs to be replaced.

    I have found an article via ifixit about how to replace the USB board, but there's no info about how to obtain the usb board, just the tools needed to do so.

    Has anyone had an issue with their USB connector breaking? Anyone have suggestions on what to do?
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    Waranty. Finding parts for it is near impossible.
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    get a touchstone for charging to reduce or eliminate the need for the usb port...?
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    Great reason to have a Touchstone and to use a wireless program transfer files. That USB port looks pretty delicate to me.
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    And a warranty. Get it fixed while it still can be. Don't go and kill the warranty by opening it.

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    Yes, all "home surgeries" should be done after your warranty is up. Good luck!

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    Noticed my USB Port is starting to get a bit lose on my own TP as well. I hook my TP up a lot to charge battery since I don't have a TouchStone. Starting to think the USB port on TP is a weak spot/failure prone as well.

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