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    new to webos and thus add lots of useless search entries to the just type setting, I found that clear all the histories and cache works. But it seems it can only delete some of them. Is manual deleting possible?
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    Nope, HP did not add this feature yet an there also is no patch available.

    I would love to do that, too!
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    Um... There is an x at the end of all my search entries and if I reboot they clear. It says recent searches at the top. Am I missing them being located in a different spot? Or do you mean the actual search engines you can check or uncheck?

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    back in the 'getting started guide, it mentions a Disable Search Engine Browser Notifications
    patch. Also, if you touch the search engine notification and slide it to the right, it will dissappear. (I know that's beginner's 101 webOS stuff, but it took me a long time to figure that out.)
    Anyway, I installed the patch, and haven't been bothered with notifications since. I'd tell you the name, but just noticed my TP is shutting down because I forgot to charge it.
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    alright, thanks,i can find it out myself.

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