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    So, my app catalog won't update. I have a blank page when I first open it, and I haven't seen anything new since the berstien bears a few days ago.

    Any way to fix this?
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    I am getting the same thing. The rotating icon keeps spinning and never finishes loading the App Catalog. I have also tried to check my Account info (Settings-Account) and get the same there when I select my account.
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    I am getting same thing , it will show pivot slash screen (Pivot 04 coming soon, Australian app store) but select categories or search tab and you get spinning circle.
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    Working fine here, have you tried a device reboot?
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    I'm having an issue right now with the App cat not loading after I press Categories tab. Its just the endless circle loading icon. I've restarted several times.
    When i go into Pivot, all the apps dont have the Install button below it. Very odd. Any thoughts on what it could it be?
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    Sounds like network problems with the catalog servers. Seems to be working fine at the moment.
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    I wish, but its been like this for days. Don't see anyone else with this problem.

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