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    im kind of worried about mine as well as i noticed it tends to make a barely audible high pitched whine when its not plugged into my TP(i tend to leave it plugged into the wall all the time even when the charger is not in use).
    I'm experiencing this as well. I've been unplugging it from the wall after charging lately
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    I have two stock chargers and both get pretty darn warm if I am at %50 or less when I plug them in. It has been this way from day one with 3.0.2 and has not changed with update. Keep in mind that this is a very fast chargjng system. I have never put it on the charger below say %40. I can tell when it is almost done charging by putting my hand on the barrel. (it is only warm or cold) The barrel does emit a slight smell but does not have that "burning electrical" smell at all. Not sure if any of this helps but just wanted to give a little input.
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