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    I found a thread saying do a full erase, and start afresh. that means all apps and settings are gone, right? is there an alternative? btw,TouchPad is my first webos device. I have no other palm profile.
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    install preware
    search for impostah app, install,
    get a new palm account with a other country setup,
    change palm profil within impostah
    install other apps
    change palm profil back
    use all apps
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    where do I find the option to change palm profile? I can see veiw profile and resetbut don't see an option to change?
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    you can try to tap activation, then create new profile, it'll prompt you to delete current one. I stopped right here, cos I am not so sure what it will cause. If you do any further, pls leave a comment here, thanks
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    ok I tried that it just said it would replace my current one on device....

    in saying that I was to scared to hjt continue lol

    ok so I hit continue, rebooted but it hasn't worked.

    under accounts my webOS account says impostah user but my app store is still the NewZealand one,

    how do I change back?

    ok changed back somehow my device completely reset will doctor it just incase
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    possible to create another account using impo? seems i found another thread has the same problem.
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    ok, refer to this thread, seems they got it right.

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