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    After I upgrade to WebOS 3.04 for my Touchpad, I notice that when I start some of programs, they do not show correctly in the middle of the screen, but instead shift to the left. I also notice that the shifts do happen in three of the four possible directions of holding the screen (vertically/horizontally), but display correctly in the middle when I hold the screen in the other direction. The problems only happen in some programs, while other programs are displaying correctly. So I assume these correctly displayed software should have an auto display check/adjustment mechanism.

    Now I guess that the file containing the default display coordinates in WebOS linux may be destroyed during the upgrade. So please help, whether I could fix the files. I have some experience on Linux. But I just have no idea how to locate the correct device file to modify.

    BTW, I restart Touchpad several times, but restarting does not help.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Can anyone help?
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    you may need to run webOS Doctor

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