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    Okay, this is a minor sync problem, but an annoying one. I can't figure out if I've got a setting wrong somewhere on the touchpad - or if it's something that others have but haven't talked about here (or at least my forum search didn't turn it up).

    When I create a 'repeating' event that is set to repeat on the 'Second Tuesday of Each Month' or First Thursday of Each Month', etc., it doesn't sync to the Touchpad that way. Google Calendar shows it correctly as going from Nov 3 to Dec 1 to Jan 5 etc (for First Thursday) but the Touchpad shows it as Nov 3, Dec 3, Jan 3, etc. as if it's synced 'On the Third of Each Month'.

    So everything syncs over, but it's as if it's trying to take a 'rule' with it instead of just showing what Google Calendar shows.

    I've deleted & readded events with the same result. I've deleted my Google account from Touchpad & added it & it syncs with the same result.

    I saw that there's a google calendar app in PreWare, but it doesn't seem to address this scenario. Any suggestions?
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    I have been having a problem with one specific repeating event. No matter if I enter it from my Pre2, my Touchpad or in Google Calendar on my laptop, this event will never show up right on my Touchpad or Pre2, though it is correct in Google Calendar. Sooner or later, it will jump a day ahead or disapper from my Touchpad and Pre2 while it remains in Google Calendar. The only way I have been able to make this event work is to change which Google calendar it is set up under. No idea why this happens since my other repeating events in this calendar and the others, all show correctly across all 3 platforms.
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    I'm having a similar problem, just with my Google Calendars. I currently have 4 ways I can look at my Google Calendar... I have it on my PC, on my Pre- running 1.4.5, my Pre3 running 2.2.0, and my Touchpad running 3.0.4. When I look at my Calendar, any recurring appointment set in Google shows up a day early on my Pre3 and Touchpad. I have at least one recurring appointment set up in my Palm Profile, and that shows up fine on my Pre- and Touchpad that are sharing that account. I just did a quick test... The recurring appointments are actually all in my "subcalendars" on Google. If I change them to my "Main" calendar, they appear to sync correctly, but once they're back in a different calendar, they're early by a day. Any ideas?

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