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    I am having trouble overclocking my touchpad after the update 3.04. I have an updated touchpad and my warthog kernel is also updated but I haven't updated any of my preware patches and I can only clock up to 1.2Ghz. My govnah is updated. How do I get my kernel to work again. Should I simply remove the warthog kernel and then install the uberkernel one because it looks like that one has been updated for 3.04. Do I have to install the palm recovery kernel because I've seen some people say to install it while others say to just remove the kernel from preware so I'm a bit confused. I figured I would update the patches once I get my kernel working.
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    I un-installed warthog and govnah first. Then, I re-installed warthog and then govnah. Right after that, you should be able to update your patches. My touchpad is running without issues.

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