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    Ok I have the hp tp 16 gb, and just got a pre 3 and I must say I am really enjoying how the to can work together, I can surf the internet, text and talk on the phone right from the tp.
    veeeeerrry nicccceee!!!!!
    live on web os!!!!!
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    I was one who bought the TP on fire sale. I was interested before, but didn't pull the trigger because the price point felt risky.

    As an Android owner, I find WebOS to be great. I honestly can't believe HP is surrendering when they have a superior product.

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    I have android and webOS on a dual boot touchpad and I find webOS cleaner and more enjoyable to use. Definitely not a product to be discontinued after 6 or 7 weeks.
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    I think there must be such a thing as 'Corporate Ego'!
    HP INTENDED to get to No.2 below iP*d on the sales charts, eventually rushed an underdeveloped, overmonitored webOS 3.0.0 out to the reviewers, who really wanted to love it.. but just couldn't, as it was at that 'clunky' stage anyway!
    Thus the Corporate Ego deflated rapidly.. Leo spat the dummy in an irrational huff and the rest is now fairly ledgenary history!
    BUT interestingly, the INTENT was still manifested.. but.. er.. just not quite in the way that HP may have initially envisioned!

    Maybe 1 million people can't ALL be wrong!

    Long Live webOS!
    Long Live the 99%!

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    I love webOS
    HP Touchpad 32GB , Treo 650, Treo 600
    webOS 3.0.4

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