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    Just saw the new Pivot is up in the cataloge. It is the November issue but still a sports issue. Pretty interesting just the same.
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    not to state the obvious, or to be cliche'....

    it's about time
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    Wow I just checked 5 minutes ago. Now it is there. Odd timing. I know these people sleep.

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    Still waiting for mine, no new Pivot yet for me.
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    I don't have it either. I rebooted my TP

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    lol, I'm back to July again! this is the second time in a week that July has popped up on mine.
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    Hasn't come out for me yet either. Maybe it's set to come out 11/3/2011. It's still 11/2/2011 for me for another four and a half hours. = )~
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    and now for me, just a few minutes later, the July issue has been replaced by.... drumroll please.... the November 2011 Sports Issue!
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    It's rather unfortunate I have no interest in sports and I help off on buying Glimpse since the leak showed it as free. I don't really want to pay $10 for it.
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    like the bands they are showcasing, very cool, hope they keep it up
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    woot, my interview will see the light of day
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    going though it now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Robitaille View Post
    woot, my interview will see the light of day
    nice, glad you got a little 'ink'. seems like they could have spared a few more lines for you though... much of pivot goes on and on about nothing, and then they skimp when talking about a real dev doing great things.
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    did a couple of device restarts... still have the old one... what am I doing wrong?

    or is this not available from a U.K. IP address?

    (edit: switched back to VPN in the U.S., still nothing... )
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    is there a way to download past issues?
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    Hmm, well, that puts to rest the theory that they were holding it up because one of the headliner apps like Zinio wasn't published yet... No mention of Zinio which was released today.

    Glad to see it though I'm wondering if it might be the last issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friskies64 View Post
    It's rather unfortunate I have no interest in sports and I help off on buying Glimpse since the leak showed it as free. I don't really want to pay $10 for it.
    The leaked images show everything as free since they weren't live or tied into any back end catalog. Not everything in life can or should be free.
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    I showed up after I restarted.
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    not available yet for me in the UK
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    Yep - not available in nz either!

    Its a shame they don't release the maintenance to an enthusiastic set of people like precentral.... ;-)
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