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    Ok, so here is the deal. I have a 32gb touchpad. It is running 3.0.4, OC'd (uberkernal) and patched up. However when I run Lithium Benchmark on my device, following the instructions exactly I am getting much higher sores than others. I am going to list my pertinent info, and see if anyone can enlighten me as to if I am doing anything wrong.
    Also I should point out that, I don't really have a complaint about the performance of my TP, it is just that; If it CAN perform better, I would like it to.

    32GB TP freshly doctored to 3.0.4 about a week ago
    Logging set to minimum
    112 installed Packages (see screenshot)
    of those there are 13 patches (see screenshot)
    Kernal: Uberkernal - "out of the box" settings

    I ran Lithium benchmark HD (1.3.0) 3 times and got these scores:
    Each time I, made sure Wifi and bluetooth were off, placed it on the touchstone, restarted my TP, and ran benchmark.

    I know that I could just grab a kernel from the beta or alpha fields, but that isn't really the point, I have a feeling that would still yield subpar results. I am just trying to figure out how to best tune my machine.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance anyone can provide.
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    not sure but I've heard that you can change the ioscheduler to noop and select performance instead of permanencetcl (in govnah)
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    f4 beta here, dual core 1.836, lithium score of 74 w/wifi off and other mentioned patches/adjustments....

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