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    I'm trying to track down some audio quirks with the touchpad. For the moment I just need a simple test from at least a few people preferably with different OS versions from the commandline:
    The test:
    (make sure your audio works before the test)
    alsactl -f test-file.state store 0
    <wait a few seconds>
    alsactl -f test-file.state restore 0

    See if audio is still functional. (volume key beeps, anything)
    [You can now delete the: "test-file.state" file]
    Just a quick note saying:
    Audio still works / Audio not working
    OS version: 3.0.2 / 3.0.4
    In the case of 3.04 - Upgraded from 3.02 / Doctored straight to 3.04

    If the audio cut out, reboot and it will return to normal.
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    Audio not working
    OS version: 3.0.4
    Upgraded from 3.0.2
    Dan Donovan
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    audio not Working

    os version: 3.0.4

    upgraded from 3.0.2
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    I get a whole load of error mesages when I do the restore. They all start with

    alsactl: set_control:1403 Cannot write control

    then we get

    operation not permitted(twice)
    Invalid argument
    operation not permitted (3 times)
    invalid argument
    bad address
    device or resource busy

    My sound is now gone. Also, a device restart or shutdown from the on/off switch did nothing. I did a luna restart from Preware and it did a full F4 reboot.

    os version 3.0.4 with Phantom Kernel at 1.7 , upgraded from 3.0.2


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