yesterday evening, I had some problems with my Touchpad. Advanced Browser caused it to lag/freeze, so I did the power button-home button reboot several times and uninstalled some recentrly installed patches like "mojo smooth scrolling", "private browsing" and "show filenames". After the reeboots, everything seemed to be fine.

This morning, I unlocked my Touchpad and all downloaded apps were on the second page, like they were redonwnloaded. What bothers me is that all the Patches were still installed, the homebrew stuff and UberKernel were still there and also to Govnah-profile was still active.

I don't have any problems with my TP, but I really would like to understand what happened there over night. It looked like some kind of reset, but without touching anything on the TP, just rearranging all non-preinstalled apps to be on the second page.

Any thoughts? Freaks me out a little and I'm this close to doctor it, just to be sure, that whatever caused this is gone...